TEC 24

DATE: June 10-12, 2023

PLACE: Faith Lutheran Church, Jefferson City, MO

Why be free from pressure?

Leaving the world behind us temporarily allows us to focus on  our relationships – with God and with each other in a new and refreshing  environment. Jesus made it a regular part of His life to spend time away from the crowds, and this helps us put our life and faith in perspective, especially  teenagers and young adults.

The setting is fresh, led by a community of Lutheran clergy and laypersons who have already attended a TEC weekend. These people are willing to share themselves and their experiences in talks, worship, prayer, fellowship, recreation, and music.

How will I spend my time on the weekend?

Throughout the weekend, participants hear personal witness by youth and adults based on the three-day theme of “Die Day”, “Rise Day”, and “Go Day”, the death and resurrection of Christ, and Pentecost. Personal witness is followed by small-group discussion and sharing.

There is also time for special services recognizing our need for a Savior and what He has done for us as well as special services of renewal. Music and a quiet atmosphere, away from the “busyness” of life and schedules, add to the personal witness and talks.

Of course, there are always the fun times, times when the unexpected happens, times when participants can relax and enjoy the fellowship of the weekend. You will build new relationships and discover the power to renew old ones through God’s Word and the experiences that surround it. Most of all, you will learn about yourself and your relationship with Jesus Christ and how that can impact the rest of your life.


is a three-day weekend experience (from 10:00 a.m. Saturday to 7:00 p.m. Monday) for youth who have finished at least their freshman year of high school to 20 years old, led by Lutheran laypersons and clergy, and by youth who have already attended a TEC weekend. Interested adults and youth leaders are also encouraged to attend the retreat.

Its broad objective is to enable older youth, at a time when they are making life decisions, to encounter the presence of Christ in their lives and to commit themselves to life under HIM.

The setting is a fresh, different atmosphere away from home and school, in an accepting community of Christians who are willing to share themselves and their experiences – in talks, worship, prayer, fellowship, recreation, music, and activities – because they care…about how you see yourself, your ideals, your hopes, your problems.

Thousands of young people who have already participated in TEC retreats will testify to the benefits that they (and their homes and parishes later) have derived from this eye-opening experience.


Please pick up your child at the above address on Monday Evening at 7:00. If for any reason you need to reach your child during the weekend, please call Sam Ziegelbein at 573-680-6887.