Three days out of the year – that’s all the time a TEC weekend takes. But those three days represent nothing close to the norm. The first day is “die day”, second day is “rise day”, and the third day is “go day”. These three days are unique to each person. The program is just a tool – what you get from the weekend you must use in your life after returning home. I learned even more than I thought I did. From die day, I learned to truly admit and confess my sins … my old self die, and with the help of God put on a new self. After getting little sleep, I still felt refreshed the next day. I felt like a newborn baby with none of my sins on my back. The only knowledge I knew was that God loved me no matter what. Go day was hard for me. I was so happy because I had grown even closer to God, had so many new friends with one thing in common – our love for Christ. The weekend results are unique to each person. I truly hope that everyone got one common thing out of the TEC experience – a stronger and closer relationship with God!

The Teens Encounter Christ weekend was a wonderful experience for me. I grew so much closer to God. I met very special friends. The content of the weekend gave me an opportunity to take a look at myself and know God loves and accepts me for who I am. I know He will always forgive me no matter how big or how small my sins are. God is always there when I need HIM. It became evident that my love for Christ became stronger. Our God is an awesome God! What I learned from the weekend will never be forgotten.