Dear Pastor, DCE, and High School Youth Counselor:
School is almost out, and summer vacation has almost begun. Teens are eager for new adventures and opportunities to get together. I am writing to you about a great opportunity! The annual Teen’s Encounter Christ weekend is scheduled for June 10th through the 12th, 2023. The cost of the weekend is $50.00. This money includes lodging, meals, and materials. This is a three-day retreat for any youth 15 years old and up (or anyone who has finished at least their freshman year). The Teems Encounter Christ weekend allows the youth to encounter the presence of Christ in their lives in a special way, allowing them to make a renewed commitment to life under Him. The setting is fresh, led by a community of Lutheran clergy and laypersons who have already attended a TEC weekend. These people are willing to share themselves and their experiences in talks, worship, prayer, fellowship, recreation, music, and activities.
It is time now to talk about this weekend with the youth in your congregation. Approach a few youth you feel could grow from this retreat. They will return with enthusiasm and a willingness to help provide spiritual leadership to the youth group. Ask an adult to attend with them. Adults participate with other adults who attend the weekend, growing in their relationship with our Lord in an exciting way.
Throughout the weekend participants hear personal witness by youth and adults based on the three-day theme of “Die Day”, “Rise Day”, and “Go Day”, the death and resurrection of Christ and Pentecost. Personal witness is followed by small-group discussion and sharing. There is also time for special services recognizing our need for a Savior and what He has done for us as well as services of renewal. Music and a quiet atmosphere, away from the “busyness” of life and schedules, add to the personal witness and talks. Of course, there are always the fun times, times when the unexpected happens, times when participants can relax and enjoy the fellowship of the weekend.
Do you want to know more about the weekend? We have teams who would be willing to talk with your youth and adults about this weekend. These teams bring with them songs and storytelling about attending a Teens Encounter Christ weekend. Call Sam Ziegelbein at (573) 680-6887 or email if you have any questions about this retreat or if you would like to schedule a team to come to your church.
Below is an application that may be duplicated and a flyer to let others know about the TEC weekend.
Thank you for taking the time to consider participating at the Teens Encounter Christ weekend. We pray that God will lead a few youth and adults to attend this retreat. May God richly bless your church, its work, and your ministry to God’s people.
In Christ,
Heart of Missouri TEC Leaders